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Orange County Urological Society CME Mission Statement

The Continuing Medical Education Committee of the Orange County Urological Society is charged with the oversight of all of the Society’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs. The Continuing Medical Education Program at Orange County Urological Society supports the overall mission of the Society by providing and evaluating CME activities that achieve measurable educational results of the highest value to the practice of medicine.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the CME Committee of the Orange County Urological Society shall be to formulate educational activities consistent with the accreditation standards which serve to maintain, develop or increase knowledge, improve clinical skills and professional performance of physicians in order to provide and improve the quality of patient care.

Under the direction of Orange County Urological Society’s Continuing Medical Education Committee, they shall:

a. maintain accreditation through the California Medical Association for the provision of Category educational activities.
b. remain informed of current accreditation standards and other CME issues in which a representative of the CME Committee or CME coordinator shall attend the Annual CME Provider Conference of the California Medical Association.
c. plan all CME activities by determining the need for the activities and by setting educational objectives.
d. provide educational activities and program planning free of commercial influence.
e. shall annually assess its effectiveness in accomplishing the goals of the CME mission.

The CME activities shall extend to the members of Orange County Urological Society and to physicians in the surrounding communities of Orange County. Activities may include quality improvement, socio-economic topics, and public health issues.

Appropriate CME activities shall be developed for primary care physicians as well as for specialty and subspecialty physicians. When appropriate, allied health personnel, resident physicians and medical students shall be invited to participate in these activities.

The activities shall consist of dinner meetings which are usually one to two hours in length and often employ a variety of teaching techniques. Often, the activity is centered on didactic lectures, panel discussions, and PowerPoint demonstrations.

a. Educational Goals: Each activity approved for Category 1 CME credit must have educational objective.
b. Needs Assessment: The need for CME content may be determined by suggestions from our members by use of an evaluation form, needs assessment forms or by member survey. Our CME evaluation forms have space reserved for physicians to recommend topics for future programs. The OCUS constantly encourages the membership to recommend topics of need.
c. Evaluation: A standard CME evaluation form must be completed and signed for all approved Category 1 CME activities.

Cultural and Linguistic Competency:
California Assembly Bill 1195 requires continuing medical education activities with patient care components to include curriculum in the subjects of cultural and linguistic competency. It is the intent of the bill, which went into effect on July 1, 2006, to encourage physicians and surgeons, CME providers in the state of California, and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to meet the cultural and linguistic concerns of a diverse patient population through appropriate professional development. The planners, speakers and authors of this CME activity have been encouraged to address issues relevant in their topic area.

 OCUS is a chapter of the California Urological Association. Our TIN# is 33-0418602.

OCUS Cultural and Linguistic Competency Resources

A) Useful Resources
1.UC-Center for the Health Professions

2. Kaiser Permanente National Diversity Department:

3. The Office of Minority Health

4. California Academy of Family Physicians:

5. Institute for Medical Quality:

6. On-line dictionary providing translations into 25 different languages:

7. Foreign Language Assessment Guide (F.L.A.G.), Produced by Medi-Flag Corporation

B). Hospital Care
1. National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems.
“Serving Diverse Communities in Safety Net Hospitals and Health Systems,” The Safety Net 2003; 17(3): Fall.

C). Ambulatory Care
1. Center for the Health Care Professions- Towards Culturally Competent Care:
Toolbox for Teaching Communication Strategies

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